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Former TV Exec. Currently in the pro wrestling game.

Retired. 35 years in television. Head of Scheduling at NBC (Must-See-TV) and FOX Broadcasting (American Idol). Chairman of The Beckman Group LLC. Board of Managers Major League Wrestling. Politics (take a left turn), Media Biz, Music (Jazz and Reggae), Sports (Mets, Giants, Jayhawks) Grandpa, Married over 50 years (yup) , two wonderful kids. I've been told I'm funny. Almost 10K followers on Twitter (Authenticated)

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  1. I deactivated my bird account last night. Over 14 years, authenticated, 10k followers (I cleaned out the bots regularly) and 114K+ tweets I'm done. No looking back. I hope this remains a welcoming pla
  2. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  3. Is there an alternative to The Drudge Report?
  4. Enough is enough. Come on lame duck Congress.
  5. Whenever you hear a right wing critique of “wokeism,” just replace the word “woke” with synonyms like “kindness,” “tolerance,” “decency,” or “mutual respect” to fully realize how depraved and vile suc

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