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  1. I hadn’t known it was Ajike Owens’s funeral today. Thanks to Roland Martin and Black-owned news media, I was able to learn of this. You probably didn’t see this today on the corp news media you watch. #BlackOwnedMediaMatters #RolandMartinUnfiltered #Post #BlackPost #JusticeForAji
  2. By Maria Alejandra Cardona ARKABUTLA, Miss. (Reuters) -A gunman went on a rampage in a small Mississippi town on Friday, killing his ex-wife and five other people in three locations before sheriff's deputies arrested him, the county sheriff and witnesses said. The bloodshed occurre
  3. Anti-trans legislation is on the rise, and I believe is a proxy for all the control/dictator/tyranny/big brother aspirations of the Chaos right wing. Trans folks are murdered and die by suicide at an
  4. #BlackPost here’s the deal: if we see a missing person notice, we share and repost that. This world is too small, someone knows something. Find this beautiful young lady. Protect black women at all co
  5. This video is beyond the pale. My prayers and love to the Nichols family. This horror is a painful reminder that law enforcement responds to accusations of crime, but a living wage, food and water security, accessible healthcare, and public education prevent crime. If we want safe
  6. 2023? bad guys with badges one thing about living here nothing ever changes #poetry #acab #haiku #america #memphis
  7. THIS. #TyreNichols #BlackPost
  8. Can the #SupremeCourt be saved? I talked to attorney @markszaidesq and @crewcrew President Noah Bookbinder for this new column: 'Kid glove' treatment of #SCOTUS won't find its abortion leaker or stop ethics abuses @usatoday @usatodayopinion #politics #democracy
  9. I have stopped watching these types of videos to protect my psyche but I noticed this in almost every case. Despite compliance, they continued yelling "stop resisting" - clearly orchestrated to attempt to justify the brutality.
  10. But this man says teaching African-American history is inappropriate and has no inherent educational value. So what does have value in school to you, Mr. Diaz?
  11. Fresh off his assignment to the House Agriculture Committee, new U.S. Representative Zach Nunn (R, IA-03) revealed a fundamental misunderstanding of who benefits from federal food assistance programs.
  12. Mandatory amplification. So much great info and context here 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
  13. Good morning, folks. Below, my thoughts on McCarthy’s speakership race, and what history has to say about its meaning.
  14. As he officially became Speaker on the 15th ballot, I had the privilege of sneaking on MSNBC for a few seconds to weigh in, my immediate reaction: Kevin McCarthy is the weakest Speaker in United State
  15. Please connect the dots: 2021 - DT terrorist attack on US Capitol 2022 - Six fascist Sup Ct Justices take away your right to choose 2023 - 20 fascists in GOP desecrate/exhaust govt and Speaker function i
  16. Meanwhile, in OFFICIAL academic fascism.....
  17. As @POTUS mentioned in emotional remarks earlier this week, our allies around the world are not yet convinced we’re back. Tonight isn’t going to help further burnish our improving credentials on the wo
  18. A release from the office of New York's George Santos says "U.S. Representative George Santos was sworn in as a Member of the United States House of Representatives by the Speaker of the House on Janu
  19. 💯

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