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US Correspondent, Dagens Nyheter, cover US politics & global democracy

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I'm a journalist in New York. I work as a US Correspondent for Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, and I'm the author of ten books on American politics, culture and technology. I have also written for The New York Times, Foreign Policy, Boston Review, The New Republic, Nieman Lab, The American Prospect, Slate, Granta and many others.

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  1. Valet i Taiwan var en seger mot Kinas påtryckningar. Därmed också en seger för själva demokratin. Min kommentar i DN:
  2. Twinning in Tainan, Taiwan.
  3. Financial Times editorial: “Foreign investors need to respect the legal and social rules and the business cultures of the countries where they seek to do business; doing otherwise can harm their brands. It should be for Musk and his company to adapt to a Swedish model that has a r
  4. "It’s probably one of the worst examples of misinformation that you use the pain and suffering of people, genuine people, civilians on the ground while being impacted by this conflict, to basically farm engagement and build up your influence online."
  5. My article for The Guardian on the Tesla strikes in Sweden and the historic year of union victories in America.
  6. The #techlayoffs are a fraction of the pandemic hires — more spectacle than significant
  7. Would perhaps be more interesting to read a critique of Biden’s China policy from someone who hasn’t spent his entire professional life running errands for Chinese investors
  8. Kazuo Ishiguro's ten favorite movies.
  9. It’s going to take a massive effort of international cooperation to contain the rise of far-right terrorism.
  10. Two years later, the truest words spoken about January 6:
  11. The Profound Defiance of Daily Life in Kyiv

    “The technology is now so advanced that Ukrainian citizens can know, more or less in real time, where the Russian missiles are coming from and generally where they’re going. In this case, Russia had j
  12. These headlines really don’t make any sense. It’s not a “conservative” revolt. It’s a far-right revolt.
  13. Etel Adnan, Late Afternoon , 2020
  14. USA kan vara på väg mot en ny utrikespolitisk doktrin, där de skickar militärt bistånd i stället för soldater till utsatta länder. Totalt skickade USA militärt bistånd för mer än 100 miljarder dollar t
  15. Joan Mitchell in Vétheuil, early 1980s
  16. China is becoming more powerful, but less popular. My piece on the shortcomings of Xi Jinping’s propaganda:
  17. While the number of Americans who celebrate Christmas as a cultural holiday is going strong, there has been a shocking rise in the number of people ditching Christianity — what sociologists call “nonv
  18. World's richest man buying one of its most successful communication methods to shut down his critics may be pretty sad & petty, but also just such a wildly powerful illustration of how much of an unch
  19. Paris is building 68 new metro stations in the next five years. New York has built five new metro station in the past 68 years.

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