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  1. Bonus: pie recipe after article!
  2. There is no joy in Mudville. #superbowl57
  3. Travolta looks better without the hairpiece. #superbowl57
  4. Totally blew that read and let him waltz into the endzone. #superbowl57
  5. It’s great that they are Chiefs fans, but don’t give the Germans a reason to do arm salutes. #superbowl57
  6. Challenge flag two plays later? Pretty ridiculous. #superbowl57
  7. Of course Elon Musk is hanging with Rupert Murdoch. #superbowl57
  8. Great use of the three dimensions by Rhianna #superbowl57
  9. It’s not the fall but how you get back up. #flyeaglesfly #superbowl57
  10. That was terrible. #superbowl57
  11. Glad to see you here!
  12. FACT: None of the journalists who were suspended did this. He's lying.
  13. Seth has taken it upon himself to be the welcoming committee and is doing an excellent job!
  14. Done with the bird app?

    Things are falling apart over on the bird app. I got weird messages asking to provide my number and I apparently am no longer following anyone. Provided my number and unlocked my account but then was
  15. My first Post post.

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