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  1. Santos is charging an entry fee for 2022?🤪 I am pretty sure this is an ethic violation? Swifty trumpian move there.
  2. This shows the difference between the Democrats...and the Party of Obstruction.
  3. #dogs #dogsofpost #adoptdontshop
  4. #dogs #dogsofpost #adoptdontshop
  5. Coming soon to a house chambers near you.
  6. One of the pleasures of naming a litter after famous people is the conversations you get to have. "How are the choreographers?" "Bob Fosse's figuring it out, George Balanchine is still pretty dubious an
  7. This is epic, he so deserves everything he is getting right now.
  8. ❤️
  9. Well, this nails it!! bwaahaaahaaaaaa!!!

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