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  1. AI can turn out to be a high threat to humanity, we don’t know what is real and what is fabricated. It can be used for good or evil, hard to tell the intentions of the person using it! Manipulative people will abuse it. Technology advances are not necessarily good for mankind!!
  2. NEW ARTICLE ON SANTOS: Here's another George Santos mystery: He struck a curious business deal with a veteran GOP operative named Nancy Marks, who happened to be his campaign treasurer. Their goal was
  3. Excellent speech on the floor of Congress
  4. Would be nice, but I think these people are too far gone already!
  5. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jan. 6 committee will vote Monday to refer (at least) 3 criminal charges against Donald Trump to the DOJ 1. insurrection. 2. Conspiracy to defraud the US. 3. obstruction Merry Chr

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