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Recovering court researcher, current dramaturg and critic. Chair of the Drama Desk nominating committee, member of Henry Hewes Design Award committee, past chair of the American Theatre Critics Association, lead author of the Women Count report series analyzing gender in hiring trends off Broadway, co-convener of the Counting Together collaborative.

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  1. Kimberly Akimbo and Tiny Desk Concert

    A #TinyDeskConcert featuring a stellar cast the #DramaDesk honored during its Off Broadway run in 2021-2022. Now on Broadway and many Tony nominations and the world is catching up.
  2. Drama Desk Awards embrace genderless performance categories.
  3. Husband reflects on NYC crime at the end of this piece. Butts on crime.
  4. A new streamed adaptation of a book previously adapted into a marvelous play had a run here in NYC six years ago. Loved it. Gorgeously observed language about small details in our immense human lives. Tiny Beautiful Things.
  5. Peeps. Peeps are on my mind A Visit to the Peeps Factory
  6. Cartoonist @lizadonnelly captures something essential (and also terrifying) about justice and the twice impeached, disgraced, indicted, and now arrested former president.
  7. Celebrating Sondheim on the day of his birth and always

    On the occasion of Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday a decade ago, I called upon a list of songs published on the occasion of his 70th that he said he wished he had written to assemble a set list of tunes as performed by Judy Garland and other performers I love. As I wrote in this
  8. Finalists Named for 2023 Steinberg-ATCA New Play Award

    I have served on a play award committee for about 10 years which gives me great joy, not for my efforts and the delight I take in reading the plays submitted, but most for the recognition this award for plays that have premiered outside New York, by established and new writers, w
  9. Jeffrey Alan Butts, "Our Crime Debate Remains Tragically Shortsighted"

    Husband Jeffrey Butts offers reflections on social forces that create the conditions under which violence thrives — and suggests that community investments can make a difference in creating safer streets and neighborhoods.
  10. The enduring power of any ghost light, represented in the #publictheater lobby. I was present on the steps of the Public when this project was launched and the Public opened its lobby to all during the pandemic's early siege days, and it heartens me to know that this emblem of ho
  11. Judy Garland on TV at #92NY

    This Judy Garland fan enjoys most professionals gathered to celebrate in her name. And this series of shows that will focus on Garland's 1963-1964 CBS television show at a venue in Manhattan home? I'm in.
  12. Mark S. Kornbluth photo exhibit captures theater's shutdown three years ago this week

    Mark S. Kornbluth photography exhibit documents NYC theaters going dark three years ago. The Booth image of the production that never opened resonates deeply, but they all capture what we lived. Harrowing.
  13. Lorraine Hansberry on display BAM Harvey viewed after a performance of "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window" ... quite a ride.
  14. Letters From Max on stage in New York

    A first review for TimeOutNewYork of Sarah Ruhl's adaptation of her own epistolary relationship with a young student who becomes a deeper friend.
  15. First visit to this dreamy theater district joint. #civilianhotel
  16. Edward Hopper, Movies, Pondering Women

    The Edward Hopper exhibit closes on March 5 so of course this procrastinating New Yorker finally obtained her timed ticket for March 3. I'll love all of it, but most of all I'll pay homage to my favorite image of all -- "New York Movie" -- that I've visited in many museums around
  17. Remembering Eugene Lee's artistry, and his library, as we captured it in Chance Magazine.
  18. Where I'm hanging, streaming wise, this evening.
  19. A report released in 2022 , newly promoted on the Counting Together website :
  20. Oh, the alma mater frustrates me often, but sometimes she makes the right move. #hastypuddingtheatricals #harvard #2023womanoftheyear

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