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Learning new things but still fighting for democracy.


Retired clinician/educator. Wife and daughter of veterans. Looking for peeps who kept me informed and (relatively) sane during Covid and elections. Reader, sometime gardner, reluctant cook. In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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  1. Today, Jack Smith picked apart Trump's arguments in a 29 page response to Trump’s motion to dismiss his indictment in the Mar-a-lago documents case. He opens his response by noting that Trump’s argument that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) absolves him of wrongdoing are belied
  2. My firm is now litigating 51 voting and election cases in 19 states. I expect at least two new cases next week. For perspective, this is the busiest election-related litigation docket we have had since Fall 2022.
  3. HR Advice…
  4. Morning at Morgan Shoal. #Chicago #PostPlaces #PostVideo # #OriginalVideo #Lakefront #LakeShore
  5. #HappyMonday
  6. By Sarah Yang In a world where it seems that there’s a lot of not-so good news these days, here’s one bright spot: Researchers have announced that the Monarch butterfly population has continued to grow for the second year in a row. As part of the 26th Western Monarch Count , over 2
  7. Matt Porter · I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes I honked again. Since this was going to be my last ride of my shift I thought about just driving away, but instead I put the car in park and walked up to the door and knocked.. 'Just a minute'
  8. I have a few thoughts on Merrick Garland's DoJ filing a notice that they intend to appeal the sentences of 8 of the Oath Keepers, including their leader Stewart Rhodes. In all 8 cases, Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, sentenced the Oath Keepers well below the sentencing guid
  9. Dolly Parton is amazing!
  10. Source: Mackenzie Murphy "A supposed-to-be easy day of travel turned into an incredibly long day of travel home. I have to share this because it restored my faith in humanity. A woman on my flight had twin babies, probably under 6 months, not so sure of the age. It was a very packe
  11. This video is a must watch.
  12. Please follow @democracydocket .
  13. Wealth of Elon Musk 2012: $2,000,000,000 2023: $248,900,000,000 Wealth of Jeff Bezos 2012: $18,400,000,000 2023: $153,100,000,000 Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg 2012: $17,500,000,000 2023: $104,900,000,000 Federal Minimum Wage 2012: $7.25 2023: $7.25 Three words: tax the rich.
  14. By @marcelias As another acrimonious U.S. Supreme Court term ended, Chief Justice John Roberts wanted the last word. In the penultimate paragraph of the last announced decision — in which a conservative 6-3 majority struck down President Joe Biden’s loa
  15. S — Smile: should be full, not crooked or lopsided T — Talk: Q: weather? A: full complete coherent sentence “It’s sunny out” R — Raise both arms: both sides equally strong and high, given pre-existing conditions O — stick Out tongue: straight, not bending to one side K — Call 911
  16. Happy Independence Day. May we never again be ruled by tyrants.
  17. #StreetArt #ChalkArt #ZinnArt
  18. Just a friendly reminder not to hold on to the fireworks to long… you’re welcome

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