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“Mother mother, there’s too many of you crying” Mom Watch what they do - not what they say

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  1. My Kid is a paramedic. New to the job and she's already seen some shit. This one hit home.
  2. I am introducing a bill to require candidates to disclose under oath their employment, educational, & military history so we can punish candidates who lie to voters about their qualifications. It will
  3. Another Putin critic, Pavel Antov, suffers a fatal fall from a window. Probably nothing.
  4. It's that time of year again to think about #WomensRights.
  5. Greg Abbott is such a heartless scumbag. Using refugees as pawns while millions of Texans suffer because of his greed and incompetence. On Christmas. What a disgrace.
  6. 24 hours before Greg Abbott trafficked women, children & men on a bus in the freezing cold to outside Kamala Harris’ home… He begged Joe Biden for federal funding to fix his failed power grid. Greg Ab
  7. Republicans have turned Texas into a third world country.
  8. Thoughts on this day and the importance of community. Steady.
  9. Wow!
  10. 👇👇👇
  11. This meme will go on for eternity...
  12. WE saw it coming. How did the #GOP miss the signs? #MAGA
  13. Why would Musk do this....Seriously, there is something very wrong with him. His humanity is missing....Sociopath?
  14. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more 800-273-8255 or 988 Veteran’s Crisis/Suicide Prevention (800) 273-8255 also 988 En Español 1-888-62
  15. Historic moment. #ukraine #photography #postphotos #democracy #news #art #illustration
  16. Historic moment. #ukraine #photography #postphotos #democracy #news #art #illustration
  17. 44 Republicans vote against Reducing Crimes Against Indigenous People
  18. I think we all remember this!

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