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  1. #chrischristie announced he applied for political asylum in Mexico.
  2. Did everyone get the same message?
  3. Deposit or withdrawal? Your thoughts?
  4. Update from Georgia: Scales of Justice
  5. Fulton County grand jury indicted a ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese, peppers, onions, pickles…
  6. @theonejake Thanks, maybe congress will consider amending “The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012” to exclude convicted felons?
  7. For your reading enjoyment it’s available on Amazon #Switzerland #France #MonteCarlo #Nice #Paris #Mendrisio #Abidjan #POLIITICS
  8. Hey #DeSantis do you still like Putin?
  9. Licht is gone. Is it safe to watch CNN again?
  10. Please help edit this letter : Original version:We represent Donald J. Trump, the 45 President of the United States Suggested revision: We represent Donald J. Trump, the twice impeached, convicted sexual offender ….
  11. Is there a Go Fund Me page? I will contribute monthly Russia may build a village for American conservatives
  12. Harry Belafonte

    RIP EGOT Belafonte won three Grammy Awards (including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award ), an Emmy Award ,[5] and a Tony Award . In 1989, he received the Kennedy Center Honors . He was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1994. In 2014, he received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Aw
  13. Read fast, live slow
  14. Amicabiliter Interventus

    Every day more ailments from amicabiliter interventus are being confirmed. Some of the symptoms are so perilous it’s causing alarm among public health officials. Cases of extreme exposure have been linked to serious illness and even death in several countries. Scientists know the
  15. Ukrainian War Fighters

    Moxie is a noun that is used to describe a person's ability to face difficult or challenging situations with courage, determination, and resilience. #ukraine
  16. Can cities improve bicycle safety?

    February 2, 2023 6:45 p.m. Photo by Jim.henderson on Wikimedia The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Community Health Survey reports, 30% of adult New Yorkers or about 1.9 million ride a bike. More broadly, an estimated 880,000 New Yorkers regularly ride a bike
  17. Can mass violence be reduced?

    “Over half of the attackers experienced mental health symptoms prior to or at the time of their attacks, including depression, psychotic symptoms, and suicidal thoughts.”
  18. Have a #blueberry day
  19. Whataboutism is dead at 43

    I was just informed about the untimely death of #whataboutism Instead of sending flowers, we ask that you turn off news coverage of false equivalences. Please respect the privacy of the #MSM as they c

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