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Writing and sharing ideas around SaaS Metrics

As a business development leader I have significant experience in multi-country, direct and indirect sales operations. I am able to lead teams working on market strategy, omni-channel sales operations, partner channel management, product roadmap development, through to commercial/legal management. I am comfortable working in highly technical/complex industries, engaging with different stakeholder groups, and presenting both technical and commercial proposals to executives. Ultimately, my work passions are sales and technology, specifically how emerging disruptive technology is changing business as we know it. This includes the use of immersive technologies such as VR and AR, the Cloud, IoT, and AI. With 20+ years in IT, sales, and leadership, I believe I am a leader who is capable of contextualising big problems into actionable, deliverable plans. Currently living on Turrbal land (Brisbane). Specialities: Challenger Sales, MEDDPICC, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Industrial IoT, Blue Ocean Strategy,

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