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I am a semi-retired newspaper journalist and freelance writer with a special interest in science and medicine

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  1. How do you disengage?

    It may be the height of irony to post this question on social media, but I am truly curious. How do you separate yourselves from the constant #distraction of daily life. Is there a particular thing yo
  2. "Little is taught by contest or dispute, everything by sympathy and love." Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  3. A new form of cheating

    Cheating, the universal constant. From Semafor: Esports players are accused of using artificial intelligence to cheat in high-stakes games. Esports is a big industry: The best players can earn millions
  4. René Gruau - The Woman in Red Stripes, 1954
  5. Roman concrete

    From Nature: Roman concrete has ‘self-healing’ properties that have helped it to last for millennia. Researchers analysed 2,000-year-old Roman concrete samples and found lumps of lime in the mortar — y
  6. Art by Rick Stevens
  7. "Age does not matter, unless you are a cheese" — Luis Bunuel
  8. The Oasis

    Naomi Replansky I thought I held a fruit cupped in my hand. Its sweetness burst And loosed its juice. After long traveling, After so long a thirst, I asked myself: Is this a drought-born dream? It was no dr
  9. Book review

    I don't routinely post my Goodreads reviews on Facebook, but this one intersects with the lives of so many of my friends, I thought I would.
  10. Richard Rohr

    "Jesus did not say: When you get healed, love. When you grow up, love. When you feel loving, love. When you get it together and have dealt with all your mother/ father/husband/children wounds, then yo
  11. In 9 days, we're close to as many followers here as we accumulated on TikTok in 18 months. Could you help us get to 2,000 by reposting this post? (In case you're just meeting us, The Conversation is a n
  12. Just watched Bullit for the first time ever. It prompts this question. Which had the better car chase -- Bullit or The French Connection?
  13. Steinbeck advice

    "When two crayfish meet, they usually fight. One would say that perhaps they might not at a future time, but without some mutation it is not likely that they will lose this trait. And perhaps our spec
  14. Winter Remembered

    John Crowe Ransom Two evils, monstrous either one apart, Possessed me, and were long and loath at going: A cry of Absence, Absence, in the heart, And in the wood the furious winter blowing. Think not, when
  15. God's Little Acre

    Today's factoid: Erskine Caldwell, an author almost no one reads anymore, sold 14 million copies of his poor South potboiler, God's Little Acre.
  16. "I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure that I can repeat them" — Peter Cook
  17. My kingdom for a plot

    "I love plot, I love stories. I hate these novels that just stop. I think, 'Hello? What happened? Did they run out of words?' People seem to think that that's a clever way to end novels. Well, I don't
  18. Candles

    Carl Dennis If on your grandmother's birthday you burn a candle To honor her memory, you might think of burning an extra To honor the memory of someone who never met her, A man who may have come
  19. Faux Minister Ad

    From Search, by Michelle Huneven WANTED: A minister who can laugh, preach like the devil, and choose hymns people can actually sing. At memorial services, this minister knows how to shut people up when

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