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  1. #caturday (Not my cat)
  2. #photography #Magnolia
  3. Someone had a rough commute
  4. Four sheds seen while walking an aqueduct. Actually two, a tree house and a hot house.
  5. Amazing
  6. Travel log tips?

    I’m thinking about pulling together analog photos, journal entries and modern maps from international explorations I took pre- internet, cell phone etc. Any suggested platforms to organize this? Thanks! E.g. When I tried to return from behind the iron curtain
  7. The empty chair
  8. HCR

    I can’t be the only one with a momentary sense of relief when @hc_richardson takes a night off. Thanks for an invaluable curation and framing of events and the periodic news fast knowing it will all still be there tomorrow.
  9. Retirement business idea: leafs and leaves. A used book and plant store.
  10. The Supreme Court agrees to not further erode democracy and federal indictments suggest no one is above the law. I hope justice keeps rolling. Is it almost time to stop ‘sheet caking’?
  11. When the headlines start with, “In a surprise decision…” to describe voting rights NOT being ripped apart by the Supreme Court, it says a lot about the status of our country.
  12. Dear TNT, The drone isn’t working. Distracting when in camera shots and horrible video when used in the feed. #NbaPlayoffs
  13. As an institution it would be in the court's interest to clean up its house. But that goes against the interests of individual members or their sponsors. Thankful for people like #SheldonWhitehouse who try to highlight this. We need accountability for there to be legitimacy.
  14. #photography #birds
  15. Watching old Jimi Hendrix footage. He just quoted Strangers in the Night with one hand during a prolonged solo. First time I caught that. Monterey.
  16. Is it just me or can you not respond to posts using your phone? This has happened to me each time: I type my comment and press done and am told to log in or create an account to post. I am logged in.
  17. Jeff Beck That stinks. I added this to my collection just yesterday.

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