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  1. Well-chosen stock visual.
  2. The storm that approached but never appeared.
  3. How best not to convey amicable relations

    Double-ouch for Seiji Kihara. Best bit: In his defence, Kihara said he was the “sort of person who puts his hands in his pockets while walking” – although he was standing still during the incident – an
  4. Cheers to the new crop

    Today is coming-of-age day in Japan, which traditionally amounts to dressing up, going to a ceremony and, for many, getting trashed. But since Japan dropped official “adulthood” age to 18 but didn't l
  5. Good memories of 2022: music

    I confess it find it harder to keep up with the emergence of micro-genres and new artist bios so I mostly cherry-pick recommendations of taste-makers who have the time to listen to it all. My consumpti
  6. My good memories of 2022: TV/movies

    I used to make year-end lists much more easily, way back when I was writing regularly about culture. I am forcing myself to make this one. And I honestly can’t explain why other than a strong urge to
  7. Might as well … 

    ... because the Chinese zodiac says it’s the year of the rabbit (and apparently, based on my birth year, I am a “water rabbit.”). At any rate, Happy New Year to all! Hope it’s a good one (and please ex
  8. Salutations

    In my excitement to kick the tires of yet another new platform I forgot to provide a formal #introduction. First, in bullet points (because I can). Heritage: (North) Georgia boy Location: Resident of T
  9. Wasn't exactly sure how to spend my tip money until I read this.
  10. Busted

    Read Ben Dreyfuss' (unlocked) postmortem of the Andrew Tate takedown if you've been following the news, or even if you're just coming out of detox. It makes sense. Kudos to journalists and media who di
  11. Latest leaks from inside the Titanic

    "... the training process for new employees has been significantly reduced, cutting to 90 minutes what was once three days of orientation that included information on compliance with privacy and secur
  12. Dig No. 7.
  13. Freed speech in action

    From Nov. 1 to Dec. 5, Australian researchers collected more than half a million conspiratorial and misleading English-language tweets about Covid, using terms such as “deep state,” “hoax” and “biowea
  14. More humans being bros. #goodnews
  15. Fact

    Cats are actually a liquid that defies the laws of biology, physics and geometry. In short, alien life forms. Granted, this is a weak demo of her superpowers, but it is true. You know it is. Obligatory
  16. More #goodnews: “This stranger opened up her heart and opened up her home.”
  17. Horton hears a Who. Woohoo.
  18. ... so why don't you kill me?

    In Mark Schreiber’s annual look back at Japan’s top shōhin hits of 2022 there are trending concepts such as kosupa , taipa and # sannen-buri , and then there is this table/stereo/charger/mood-light/fridg
  19. This could have turned into a very sad story. Glad it went the other way. “It was kind of like fate.” #goodnews
  20. And no hangover, apparently. Kampai to that.

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