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  1. Apple cancels The Problem with Jon Stewart

    No escaping that it's a bad look for an American tech company to kowtow to perceived -- not even materialized -- backlash for a foreign government. What'd you expect @apple when you invited @jonstewart to do a show?
  2. Has Matt Gaetz called for a vote to banish McCarthy as speaker yet?
  3. McCarthy again cannot gain enough votes to become Speaker on a second ballot, as a fifth Republican has voted for Jim Jordan leaving McCarthy shy of the 218 votes needed.
  4. From AP: Vatican announces Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died.
  5. It's -9⁰ outside with a wind chill of -36⁰ ... is this a joke? #iowa
  6. Hi everyone! This #PostDrop is for everyone that wants to personalize their feed. You can now save your favorite topics and they will appear as tabs on your feed! How to Favorite Topics Tap the edit bu
  7. From the #January6 Committee's summary of findings: This chart astounds me. The depth of #Trump 's disregard for the truth is alarming and no doubt something we're already aware of, but I just find it s
  8. From the #January6 Committee's summary of findings (cont'd): Trump's own campaign manager told him what to expect on election night 2020. Trump was told they'd see an early lead from the in-person vote
  9. It's been more than 24 hours since this poll. Elon Musk has tweeted but hmmmm... still no comment about the results from him 🧐
  10. No mincing of words in the #January6 Committee's summary of findings from its investigation. The committee states the "central cause of January 6th was one man, former President Donald Trump, who many
  11. If there's one thing we've learned over the past few weeks, it's not to trust a thing Elon Musk says. He said he would form a council to determine which suspended accounts should be reinstated. He didn
  12. I appreciate that Bennie Thompson is under a time crunch with the #Jan6 Commmitte sure to be disbanded in the new year, but did the final 1/6 hearing have to come the week before Christmas? I'm sure t
  13. Sunday is going to be something. Argentina vs. France. Kick off 10am ET #worldcup
  14. The Moroccan national anthem is 🔥
  15. Vive la France 🇫🇷 ⚽️
  16. Abortion policy and the effect on potential mothers

    Perhaps you won't be surprised to learn that the states where abortion laws are the strictest, they also tend to have fewest resources for potential mothers and higher rates of maternal and infant mor
  17. NEW: States that restrict abortion access also tend to be the least prepared to help potential mothers

    A study from the Commonwealth Fund finds states that have moved to enact -- or plan to pass -- stricter abortion laws in the wake of the #SupremeCourt 's decision to overturn #RoevWade , have less "acce
  18. Amid reports that Twitter has stopped paying rent, it appears Twitter is also auctioning off its furniture. Snag yourself an Eames chair January 17th! Heritage Global Partners | Twitter: Online Auctio
  19. I was told by someone on my livestream tonight to get a real job since being a journalist doesn't qualify. I told him NEVER!
  20. It's not😆

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