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Evanston, IL

Ex-editor at Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times, now allowed to have opinions. Co-author of 8 books on history & photography. Intolerant of racism & small-mindedness.

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  1. In today’s Stop the Presses newsletter, I lay out 5 reasons why journalists accept being lied to – and why they tend to think they're blameless when they pass on those lies to the public. Please read and subscribe for free.
  2. No one in the news media is truly objective. Every report is shaped by biases, from who gets quoted to how they’re described to what gets edited out. When journalists try too hard to appear to be objective, they become unfair to the facts. My newsletter.
  3. Disrespect the moon truthers — and election deniers

    Just because millions of people believe Trump’s Big Lie doesn’t mean we must “respect” them by accepting liars as cable news experts. Should news outlets have fake-moon-landing commentators just because millions of Americans believe that? My newsletter.
  4. NBC needs to fire Ronna McDaniel and apologize to the American public. Otherwise NBC stands for Now Boosting the Coup My newsletter:
  5. Why the Kamala-bashing?

    Why do right-wingers love to cheap-shot Kamala Harris? Why do they ignore her diplomacy and advocacy for abortion rights and focus on her laugh and alleged “over-smirking”? I think I have the answer in this week’s Stop the Presses newsletter.
  6. Media Misses: Why is 68% better than 81%?

    The new installment of Media Misses, my 5-minute-video series with Steven Beschloss, looks at the New York Times and other media saying Biden faced a “significant challenge” when he won 81% of the vote in Michigan but Trump “coasted to victory” with 68%.
  7. My newslettter, Stop the Presses

    “Too many journalists cover the rise of Republican fascism like it’s a streaming series on Hulu when they should cover it like it’s a Cat 5 hurricane or an epidemic.” Please read my newsletter and consider subscribing (for free).
  8. Does the New York Times care if democracy survives? I ask this question because the Times’ political coverage often makes me wonder. In today’s Stop the Presses newsletter, I ask a lot of other pointed questions about the Times too. Please read and subscribe for free.
  9. My latest Stop the Presses newsletter rips the media obsession with gaffes: “We should be less concerned about minor things politicians do accidentally than major things they do on purpose.” Read and subscribe for free.
  10. Wrongheaded language in media drives me nuts. For example, references to mythical creatures called "moderate Republicans." And the phrase “saying the quiet part out loud” when the "quiet part" doesn't exist anymore. Read the list in my free newsletter.
  11. My latest “Media Misses” short video with @StevenBeschloss looks at a Politico piece assuring us that 4 more years of Trump wouldn’t turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. Excuse us for not being assured. At all.
  12. The news media must relentlessly remind the public about Trump’s dictator rhetoric. He’s not kidding, he’s plotting. My newsletter has a dozen examples that should alarm us. Share those with any doubters. And please subscribe to my newsletter (for free).
  13. Outrage fatigue

    We're suffering from outrage fatigue. Right-wing misconduct is so relentless that it's wearing down the public and the press. We need a focused counterattack, because if we lose our outrage, we'll lose our country. Read my newsletter & subscribe (for free)
  14. Media amnesia = GOP amnesty

    Days before Trump left office, Rep. Ralph Norman secretly urged him to declare martial law and use the military to stay in power. Yet the media have memory-holed that treachery, treating Norman as a normal lawmaker. Read my newsletter & subscribe for free.
  15. Don’t play dumb to help MAGA

    Major media’s cowardice endangers us. Journalists must stop playing dumb and pretending the events of Jan. 6 are a matter of opinion. This is especially true as MAGA plots more mischief this election year. Read my Stop the Presses newsletter and subscribe for free.
  16. If a third of the shoppers at your grocery store started pushing over shelves and abusing the clerks, you wouldn't say, "It's a shame this store is so divided." You'd blame the bad shoppers. Same with politics. We're "divided" because Republicans are trying to wreck things.
  17. CNN is pretty good when it doesn’t suck

    There’s an identity crisis at CNN: Be a truth-teller or be a safe space for MAGA liars. I give examples of each in this installment of my newsletter about how the right wing exploits weaknesses in journalism. Please read and subscribe (for free).
  18. “Everything does not suck. Some things are working.” In my newsletter today, I argue that the media’s reflexive negativity about government and its disinterest in quiet competence play into the hands of MAGA propagandists. Read & subscribe (for free).
  19. We need to stop using the phrase "Saying the quiet part out loud." There is no quiet part anymore. Everything is loud.
  20. We need fact-crusading

    I wrote this piece for my Stop the Presses newsletter a month ago. I'm reposting it today because of the relentless MAGA disinformation to slime Joe Biden. News media often correct MAGA lies, but they need to do more. They need to go to war against them.

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