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Markus Oh-really-us

Author, filmmaker, producer, show runner, sportswriter, playwright, Twin Peaks guy. Damn... I'm tired.

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  1. Happy New Year folks - to paraphrase the Who: Got a feeling ‘23 is gonna be a good year! And if you’re nursing a hangover try Vitamins B, C, D, H2O, caffeine, lemon juice water, some protein and a bri
  2. Thanks for this @bookshop . Sign me up!
  3. Brilliant. Throw in listening to ‘45’s on a cheap record player and hoarding stolen smokes from our parents and this my youth.
  4. Phenomenal news. We'll save the planet yet. #news
  5. Peaks Experience

    Welcome Bluebird Refugees - the air over there is rife with the stench of bad faith, bad actors and toxic boys. By way of comparison, you’re in Utopia now.
  6. Howdy Rex! @rexchapman
  7. Charlie and I bid you a fine good evening. He and I agree: Given how swiftly the #bluebirdof crappinesss has devolved, this seems an eminently civilized space.
  8. Happy to find you here Al!
  9. You can probably guess why I love this.
  10. Fantastic stack!
  11. Wherever you go... there you are. I seem to be here now. One thing leads to another.

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