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Mark Fischel


Sports and Events Management for a living. Hockey, cats and travel for fun.


Sports PR, Events, Credentials professional. 2023 FISU Winter Games; NBA; U.S. Open; NY Cosmos, NY Marathon; Getty Images; NHL; Miami Morays & Manatees; Hockey’s Future.

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  1. Good morning, Lake Placid. Thanks for the color!
  2. Bonjour, Montreal!
  3. Watching this baby learn to walk!

    The interesting part of joining a slightly buggy new site is seeing the usability improve every day. You can’t see the people working on things, but you know they are there!
  4. Testing how posting links works here, so I figured I’d share my favorite daily web game. Framed shows you up to six movie screen grabs for your guessing challenge. I’m a movie buff, so it scares me so
  5. I bet I can make you go, “awwwwwww!”
  6. Dogs? Pshawwww. Here’s Ziggy and his fav toy.

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