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Chasing the Nash algo


Volunteer W3 Translator Lover of Animals Proud Lib ZERO tolerance ---> MAGA, Qanon, Trumpanzees and Muskovites

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  1. RIP little Tyson Died this year in May aged 13 after a long illness. He loved the couch He brightened up my World and his best friend 'Snoop' is still with me now aged 15
  2. is there an APP for IOS yet ?
  3. The local authorities put so much salt on the streets and sidewalks so that dogs can't walk This is the only answer ! :-)
  4. Sadly, this is not a joke.
  5. Life is...... floating over a box of walnuts in a pie dish ( and no, I didn't put her there )
  6. I found this wild cat in my garage
  7. Pie lays into all the bloody poor people for daring to ask for better pay, conditions and job security.
  8. Me right now . . . .
  9. RIP dear FIFI July 2008 - December 2022 Took her on her last walk. She's in a better place now Saddened beyond belief. She was loved, she is loved and she'll always be missed.
  10. yes, and here are my dogs

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