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American immigrant living between the Netherlands and France. Teach academic writing at a small liberal arts college in the Netherlands. Photos:

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  1. "Trump-Proofing Europe"

    Excellent piece on how Europe has become more self-reliant and ways it must continue to strengthen in the face of an unreliable alliance with the US.
  2. Seriously, what is happening. We've been here before.
  3. By Leo Shane III Veterans Affairs officials are asking veterans to reach out to fellow service members and friends as part of the first National Buddy Check Week , a public campaign designed to reduce suicides among current and former military members. The effort, which runs from Oc
  4. By Brian Fung and Donie O'Sullivan, CNN European officials warned X on Tuesday that the company formerly known as Twitter appears to have been hosting misinformation and illegal content about the war between Hamas and Israel, in potential violation of the European Union’s signatur
  5. "seven ways not to respond to the mass murder of Israelis:"
  6. By Jay Solomon The News Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia fired dozens of rockets and shells into Israeli positions on Sunday, sparking fears of a wider, and coordinated, war engulfing the Middle East. Hezbollah’s military command said its operations were in support of the
  7. Someone should come in and buy it at a bargain.
  8. By: Bart Biesemans ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) -A medical student suspected of shooting three people dead in Rotterdam had a history of psychotic behaviour and a conviction for animal abuse, and he likely targeted his victims intentionally, Dutch police and prosecutors said. P
  9. And at a French table we spend a lot of time talking about food; the current meal, dishes we've had in the past, or those we plan to cook or eat in the future. Gotta love French table culture. 🥰
  10. Ben Rhodes @brhodes During my 20 years in politics, two destructive trends stand out: the steady radicalization of the Republican Party and the trivialization of politics, particularly the way it is covered by US media and how politicians respond to that dynamic. The Republican deba
  11. Pew Research Center quiz

    Ready for a quiz? Test your knowledge of digital topics and see if you are in the 4% whole can answer all 9. I got very close!
  12. This story needs to go super viral so everyone can participate in the social and legal annihilation of every cop, judge, and politician involved.
  13. Clever ad from Patagonia
  14. When you don't have indictments on 78 counts ...
  15. By By Lisa Respers France, CNN Paul Reubens, who found fame as the quirky man-child character Pee-wee Herman, has died, his publicist announced. He was 70. “Last night we said farewell to Paul Reubens, an iconic American actor, comedian, writer and producer whose beloved character P
  16. By Jessica Pishko Last year, a 21-year-old shooter using an assault-style rifle killed seven people and injured dozens more when he opened fire at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Law enforcement apprehended him eight hours later. But, by then, it was too late for
  17. Rick Steves’ Europe: Binge Watch 11 Seasons of America’s Favorite Traveler Free Online
  18. In his goofy attacks on pop culture targets, Ted Cruz counts on his audience being as misinformed as he is.
  19. Exercising majority power with only the support of a minority of the electorate is the GOP’s paramount objective. To do that they need to rig the system. Claiming otherwise is just another in the GOP’s long list of lies they tell to undermine democracy.
  20. It might interest Americans to know that if they find themselves the subject of the latest Republican culture war freakout, their personal, private medical records will be considered fair game. Or maybe you think they'd only do this to trans people? Watch:

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