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Not looking to make contacts just want to read different opinions . Loves dogs.

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  1. Saw my neighbours out on Lake Erie today. Nice day but I’m sure the water is very cold . No wet suits.
  2. He’s still breaking records like no-one has ever seen before.
  3. Just now
  4. Right now.
  5. Lake Erie
  6. Lake Erie on Canadian side.
  7. Because he’s fool-ish?
  8. More migrants dropped outside vice president’s home in freezing weather on Christmas Eve Unbelievable. Where is the compassion?
  9. I’m reporting from the snowman convention. They’re not serving any pasta here. Heard you could get a pretty good snow cones around the corner.
  10. Wonder if this is one of the collector cards. Saw this on a mailbox earlier in the year in New Orleans.
  11. Rena Dogg
  12. Perspective…
  13. Hopefully this is a good place to stop the madness.

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