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Marcia Brooks


Believe in our shared humanity.

Boston MA USA

Protect democracy, civil liberties, and press freedom. Believe in our shared humanity. Prior: Perkins School for the Blind, GBH, and PBS.

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  1. Teens across U.S. can apply for Books Unbanned digital library card

    ‘..No group/person can determine what's right for every family. Limiting access or providing one-sided information is a threat to democracy... Teens across U.S. can apply for Books Unbanned digital library card from BPL website'
  2. Reuters Institute's highlights from the International Journalism Festival ’23 re: press freedom, investigative journalism, climate coverage and AI
  3. On the 10th anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, listen to this moving, wise interview from WBUR public radio in Boston, just aired on 4/14/23.
  4. Gifting this article: What incredible humanity for Michelle Yeoh to make the most of her recent Oscar win to beautifully articulate and cite deep existing inequalities for women and girls, and put them in context with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. Honoring the legacy of disability civil rights activist Judy Heumann - a lasting and inspiring model of advocacy, leadership, purpose, integrity and grace.
  6. Listen: interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Kidder and Dr. Jim O’Connell

    With compassion and practical wisdom for almost 40 years, O’Connell takes a “country doctor” approach to care for the homeless community. He founded and leads a ground-breaking national model for deli
  7. Collection of smart insights in Nieman Lab's annual predictions for journalism and media . #journalists
  8. Watch: The Knight Foundation's "INFORMED: Conversations on Democracy in the Digital Age" .

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