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Marcela García


Opinion Columnist @ The Boston Globe

Boston, MA

Columnist, Associate Editor, and Editorial Board member at The Boston Globe’s Opinion page | Born & raised in 🇲🇽 | 100% bilingüe.

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  1. The Boston Globe's Taunton printing plant will lay off about 30 employees, the BBJ reports. So what is the future of that facility? #journalism
  2. Thousands of migrant students in Miami-Dade schools

    "Since the start of the 2022-23 school year, nearly 10,000 students from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela have enrolled in Miami-Dade County public schools — about 2,500 more students than who arr
  3. Why the controversy around the term ‘Latinx’ doesn’t matter

    My latest column for @bostonglobe Opinion: ‘To Latinx or not to Latinx’ is suddenly in the news again. This time, it’s because newly sworn-in Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee
  4. Six months ago, Marblehead, Mass., had no dedicated news outlet. Now, it has three.
  5. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) sums it up perfectly: #Politics #News
  6. Y-I-K-E-S
  7. My latest Boston Globe Opinion column: Regulate TikTok, don't ban it
  8. Jobs, jobs, jobs! The LA Times is hiring: Technology and Entertainment in California Politics and Science Policy and Politics in California .
  9. I’ve been here three weeks, so I feel more than qualified to provide the following extremely helpful rules and recommendations. Post is not Twitter. Post is a great. It is also a BETA SITE . That means
  10. Useful #PostTips 👇🏽
  11. NBD, it only took decades! 🌮
  12. SMH...
  13. ICYMI: My latest Boston Globe Opinion Column: Latinas make about half the pay of white men, but work just as hard Imagine having to work nearly double the time of one of your co-workers to earn the same
  14. With coyotes, our pets and our children have a predator

    My new Boston Globe Opinion column is about the urban coyote, "the ultimate American survivor." Everyone seems to have a story about a coyote sighting. They’re intrepidly moving into the city, undeter
  15. Second this!
  16. When journalists are the target of high-tech espionage

    ICYMI, my latest Boston Globe Opinion column is on the continued threats that #Pegasus, the spyware made by NSO Group, poses to journalists:
  17. This data point continues to shock me everytime I think about it.... "More than 148,000 Venezuelans, many headed north to the United States, crossed the Darien Gap between January and October 2022 - 50
  18. I get that dragging Twitter is something of a sport here. But the mother of a Black women killed while vacationing in Mexico says if not for Black Twitter amplifying the story for nearly a month, wha

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