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I build SW that changes the world

I started MacroMond, which became Macromedia. 40+ year sw digital toolsmith, into open standards & NOT working 4 BigCos.

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  1. Fintiv-vs-Apple lawsuit settlement?

    Apple and Fintiv will participate in a court-ordered settlement conference in early June in an effort to settle Fintiv's patent infringement claims against Apple. | Fox Business
  2. Indeed, as Alice Waters says "‘I know that food — real food — has magic. Has Power."
  3. Buzzword du jour mentality drives everything

    An Army of providers, indeed. I hope everyone out there understands that 90% of Generative AI is about our industry having something ELSE to obsess over - since the Metaverse, Crypto & IoT ain't it. It sure as hell ain't edTech, FinTech or PropTech. Its not coming out of a TEDtalk,
  4. I'd like to be blunt and transparent about this issue. Crackers, racists, #TrumpVirus supporters, sexists, Karens, xenophobes, QAnon, etc. - all drink beer. Especially Budweiser. Did Bud think they could "appeal" to these customers with the pro-trans beer can? What were they thinkin
  5. It's time everyone learn what ESG is, why the right is attacking it and the wokesters also hate it. Ignoring ESG ain't cool, it's one of the battlefields we have to fight - moving forward.
  6. 100th IKEA drone deployed

    IKEA pretty much defines what it means to utilize tech to improve your company. IKEA is celebrating the 100th deployment of drones to help with inventory control.
  7. Solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine - where my people came from - on this 1year anniversary of the invasion by Russia
  8. Thinking about global ethnicity and culture
  9. Meanwhile - by boycotting certain investment funds (blaming ESG), state pension plans (teachers, firefighters, etc.) are losing money Those Repugnants sure know how to run government - into debt
  10. History of BlackRock

    Interesting history on the story of Larry Fink and BlackRock. The Aladdin system stands for "Asset, Liability, Debt, and Derivative Investment Network."
  11. The Biden Admin is upping the ESG game I just wish they'd give a rat's Ass about Legalized Marijuana!
  12. Debt-for-Nature - what a term!
  13. More examples of the negativity on both extremes of the spectrum - looking to vilify & spread evil. Trying to stop climate change, improving the environment, improving ROI results = is a good thing Fuck
  14. Don't believe everything ChatGPT tells you
  15. Tee hee hee poor advertisers! Poor online retailers & commerce vendors! What are they gonna do?
  16. Here's a great story
  17. The rich people are getting richer and buying more Rolls-Royces. Just thought you'd like to know.
  18. Good poiint made - maybe it's time to change this:
  19. Great use case for renewable diesel...

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