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Mark Pukalo


Sportswriter for five decades. HockeyTampa on twitter.

Tampa, Fla.

I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Florida in 2008, where i write blogs on sports - led by hockey - movies and music. Practical Progressive Warren Democrat. Will not admit it when I turn 60.

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  1. HockeyTampa: The Best of 30 for 30: Hoops Reigns
  2. Finally, after 276 movies, here's my rankings for 2022. This year, the Academy was way off. HockeyTampa: The Year in Movies: Looking Into the Mirror in 2022
  3. Best performances by an actress in a 2022 film, IMO: Cate Blanchett (Tar), Jessica Chastain (The Good Nurse), Danielle Deadwyler (Till), Jennifer Lawrence (Causeway), Zoe Kazan (She Said), Anna Kendrick (Alice, Darling), Zoe Kravitz (Kimi), Jenna Ortega (The Fallout), Aubrey Plaz
  4. Best performances by an actor in a 2022 film, in my opinion - Austin Butler (Elvis), Tom Cruise (Top Gun: Maverick), Colin Farrell (The Banshees of Inisherin, After Yang), Ralph Fiennes (The Menu), Brendan Fraser (The Whale), Tom Hanks (A Man Called Otto), Daniel Kaluuya (Nope),
  5. Worst films of 2022.
  6. My list for the Best Supporting Actresses for 2022: Maria Bakalova (The Bubble, Bodies Bodies Bodies), Lucy Boynton (The Pale Blue Eye), Hong Chau (The Whale), Kerry Condon (The Banshees of Inisherin), Frankie Corio (Aftersun), Zoey Deutch (The Outfit), Eliza Gonzalez (Ambulance),
  7. My list of the Best Supporting Actors from 2022 Paul Dano (The Fabelmans), Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees of Inisherin), Brian Tyree Henry (Causeway), Anthony Hopkins (Armageddon Time), Ashton Kutcher (Vengeance), Brad Pitt (Babylon), Glen Powell (Devotion), Eddie Redmayne (The Goo
  8. I'm not sure what happened with my other account. It is still there, but I can't seem to get back into it. So, I guess I'm starting a new one. Not good Post!

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