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  1. Sony Announces PS5 Slim Models

    Last update: 11 october 2023 Sony has surprised gamers by announcing the release of the PS5 Slim models, including both the standard version with a disc drive and the Digital Edition. This news comes alongside the revelation that an optional attachment — an attachable disc drive —
  2. The Ongoing Battle: Nvidia vs. AMD

    Last Update 6 October 2023 The debate between AMD and Nvidia has never been more closely contested than it is now. Both manufacturers are producing some of the best graphics cards on the market, making it difficult for consumers to determine which team holds the superiority. Regar
  3. Satellite Technology: Revolutionizing Connectivity

    Update: 03 OCTOBER 2023 Satellite technology has undergone significant advancements since the launch of the world’s first satellite in 1957. Today, satellites play a crucial role in various aspects of our lives, offering a plethora of services and connectivity options. Satellites h
  4. The Future of AI Assistants

    In recent years, there has been much speculation about the role of intelligent software agents as personal assistants, tutors, and advisers. With the advancements in generative AI, this once fuzzy vision of software as a helpful aide has started to come into focus. However, there
  5. India calls Canada a 'safe haven for terrorists' after suspending visas for Canadian nationals

    India has called Canada a “safe haven for terrorists” following its suspension of visas for Canadian citizens, as the fallout grows over Ottawa’s accusation that New Delhi is potentially behind the assassination of a Sikh separatist activist on its soil. In a strongly worded state
  6. The Importance of Regulation in AI: Addressing Practical Issues and Ensuring Oversight

    Suleyman dismisses the notion that AI is an existential threat, arguing that these claims are distractions from more pressing matters. According to Suleyman, effective regulation of AI is attainable. He draws parallels to past successful regulatory frameworks implemented for aviat
  7. Study Finds Exercise Boosts Brain Health and Memory

    A recent study has revealed that engaging in regular exercise can have numerous benefits for brain health and memory. Researchers discovered that physical activity can lead to improvements in both cognitive function and the formation of new brain cells. The study, conducted by a t
  8. The Controversy Surrounding iPhone 12 Radiation Levels in France

    The French regulatory body, Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), has demanded that Apple halt the sales of its iPhone 12 in the country. This decision comes after tests conducted by ANFR showed that the device emits radiation levels that exceed European restrictions. However,
  9. Global Mobile and Wireless Backhaul Equipment Market: Trends, Analysis, and Forecast

    The global mobile and wireless backhaul equipment market is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, driven by the implementation of new technologies and innovative solutions. This comprehensive market analysis report provides insights into the current condi
  10. Google Fi Introduces New Perk for Unlimited Plus Subscribers

    Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus subscribers will be pleased to hear about an exciting change coming their way starting from September 25, 2023. Google Fi has announced new alternatives to the Google One Perk, specifically for its Unlimited Plus subscribers. Google One provides u
  11. Elon Musk’s X is suing California over its online moderation reporting bill

    The X Corp. lawsuit alleges that California’s bill infringes on X’s free speech rights because it forces companies to take up definitions for murky terms. By Wes Davis, a weekend editor who covers the latest in tech and entertainment. He has written news, reviews, and more as a te
  12. Apple and Microsoft reportedly want iMessage and Bing off the EU’s tech ‘gatekeeper’ list A list of services that are covered by Europe’s new Digital Markets Act is due on Wednesday. By Adi Robertson, a senior tech and policy editor focused on VR, online platforms, and free express
  13. Writing a C compiler in 500 lines of Python

    A few months ago, I set myself the challenge of writing a C compiler in 500 lines of Python, after writing my SDF donut post. How hard could it be? The answer was, pretty hard, even when dropping quite a few features. But it was also pretty interesting, and the result is surprisi
  14. HTML Design Principles (2007)

    Abstract HTML 5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. This document describes the set of guiding principles used by the HTML Working Group for the development of HTML5. The principles offer guidance for the design of HTML in the areas o
  15. Semantic Zoom

    In the last lab note, we started to explore how users might construct the interfaces they need with natural gestures. It held a glimpse at semantic zoom in an itemized environment: As the email item view gets bigger, the preview text of the email’s contents eventually turns into t
  16. Thousands of octopuses gather off California to brood eggs at a warm spot

    Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute studied female octopuses that nest together off Central California at a depth of about 3,200 meters. MBARI MBARI Off the coast of California is an unusual "octopus garden" — the largest congregation of deep-sea octopuses e
  17. Teaching with AI

    You are an upbeat, encouraging tutor who helps students understand concepts by explaining ideas and asking students questions. Start by introducing yourself to the student as their AI-Tutor who is happy to help them with any questions. Only ask one question at a time. First, ask
  18. Harvard Professor’s Bold Claim: Unveiling Alien Artifacts Found on Earth

    In a revelation that could rewrite the textbooks of human history and ignite imaginations worldwide, a prominent Harvard professor has made an audacious assertion: he has unearthed what he believes are the first-ever alien objects on Earth. Avi Loeb, a renowned theoretical physic
  19. Microsoft is Using Malware-like Pop-Ups in Windows 11 To Get People To Ditch Google

    I thought I had malware on my main Windows 11 machine this weekend. There I was minding my own business in Chrome before tabbing back to a game and wham a pop-up appeared asking me to switch my default search engine to Microsoft Bing in Chrome. Stunningly, Microsoft now thinks it
  20. How to Automatically Rename Attachments Using Plugins : Obsidian

    Although I have always believed in the principle of “less is more” and try to avoid installing too many plugins when using Obsidian, there are some valuable plugins that are worth installing to meet specific needs. For example, I had a specific requirement: I wanted to automatical

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