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I'm a news/TV/movie and trivia junkie. Theatre major still acting after all these years. Own a Murder Mystery Company.

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  1. Outstanding.
  2. Resist Hate. Choose compassion.
  3. I love Randy Rainbow, too. He is a national Treasure.
  4. Short rant. Southwest Air has cancelled ~70% of its flights in an epic meltdown this holiday season. Remember, Southwest took $3.7B in federal aid from 2020-21. It’s CEO got a pay raise to a $9.1M packa
  5. This is disgusting.
  6. Obstruction of an Official Proceeding 18 U.S.C 1512: 1. Trump 2. Clark 3. Eastman 4. Chesebro Conspiracy to Defraud the United States 18 U.S.C 171: 1. Trump 2. Eastman 3. Clark 4. Chesebro 5. Meadows 6. Giuliani
  7. Cool
  8. I guess Manchin lost the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to Sinema as to who would change their party.
  9. I love this!
  10. Twitter refugee. Looking around and figuring out this new site.

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