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Witch-Wife, Actress, Artist

Raised in a Library by a Pack of Social Workers.

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  1. A great Christmas present for the people in our state.
  2. PSA: If you’re ok with women and children being shipped around the country like they’re goddamn cargo all so that some evil asshole with a penchant for performative bullshit can get his rocks off then
  3. This documentary made me a little weepy. It should be required watching. It’s Civics 101, it’s about perseverance, and really, it shows just how Speaker Pelosi, as a public servant, is one in a millio
  4. Things Rep-elect George Santos admits to lying about during his campaign: Graduating from college Working for Goldman Working for Citibank His mother's religion Many questions remain unanswered, including
  5. A reminder: Zelensky was a comedian and TV actor. Trump was a failed casino magnate and surname marketer who inherited a real estate empire and starred on a TV show modeled after “Survivor.” One of th
  6. Omnibus passes the House 225-201. The bill now goes to the President. The Republicans who voted for it: Upton, Katko, Cheney, Fitzpatrick, Womack, Jacobs, Kinzinger, Davis, and Herrera-Beutler. AOC vo
  7. “Begin each day with optimism and end each day with forgiveness.” - Doe Zantamanta Worth aspiring to. #bts #rm #optimism #forgiveness

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