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Maggie McReynolds


I do things to words: author, book coach, editor.

Writing since I was old enough to hog all the crayons. Editing since my grandmothers on both sides traumatized me by sending my letters back to me corrected in red pen. After trading words for money (ad agency owner, comedy writer, restaurant critic) for a few decades, I launched Un-Settling Books, a book coaching and editorial resource for developing and experienced writers. Unsurprisingly, I am working on a novel. Soon to be a new resident of Burlington, Vermont. Send mittens.

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  1. Anybody else sort of forget Post existed over the holidays? Is it like Mission Impossible, where you miss a second and you're totally lost - or like a soap opera, where you could miss weeks and still
  2. I have discovered within me the deep-seated belief that it's lazy, or cheating, somehow, to use the automatic door opener for the disabled. All the other tenants look at me like I'm crazy when I go to
  3. Just pouring some imitation bacon bits on my peanut butter sandwich and wondering what other weird things people do to pb?
  4. Time to celebrate!
  5. I just know I'm going to fall in with the wrong crowd.

    It's like the first day of school, and everyone is sharing intros, #PetsofPost pics, interesting ideas/links/photos. - Janete Perez, Post News PM

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