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  1. The Canadian doctor who helped invent Ozempic

    By Katie Underwood (Photography by Wade Hudson) When it comes to diabetes drugs, there’s just something about Toronto researchers. In 1984, 63 years after Banting and Best isolated insulin, Daniel Drucker, another U of T alumnus, co-discovered glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1, a g
  2. The Big Idea: Neurochips will fix our brains

    By Naweed Syed (Photo illustration by Maclean’s , background illustration via iStock) During my childhood summers in Pakistan, I used to go to the beach and watch the crabs. Most of them were docile but one day, a certain crab kept attacking its neighbours. I wondered: what made tha
  3. “I fled the war in Ukraine. Now I help other newcomers settle in Canada.”

    By Olha Men (Illustration by Dominic Bugatto) In March of 2022, I had just moved into a new home with my nine-year-old daughter, Miia, in Kramatorsk, an industrial city in eastern Ukraine. Miia and I led happy lives there: she took swimming lessons, learned martial arts and acted i
  4. Habitat: Inside a technicolor kids’ wonderland in Toronto’s east end

    By Rachel Heinrichs Andrew Swartz and Kelly Aronowitz Katz’s home in the east end of Toronto (Photography by Nanne Springer) Four dates is all it took for Andrew Swartz to propose to his future wife, Kelly Aronowitz Katz. In 2014, Swartz was working as a manager at Google in New Yo
  5. The Big Idea: Give essential workers cheap housing

    By Gregor Craigie (Photograph by iStock) Gregor Craigie is the host of CBC’s On The Island and author of Our Crumbling Foundation . Essential workers—paramedics, teachers, nurses, daycare workers, firefighters—keep our country running. These are the people who the Toronto Board of Tr
  6. Paramedics in our Ontario city were burning out. Then, the opioid crisis came to town.

    By Carl Bowker (Photograph by iStock) Up until the 1990s, paramedics had a limited role: we were basically drivers who brought patients to the hospital as quickly as possible. But then colleges began training paramedics in advanced life support, and soon we were practising a form o
  7. A Killer Among Them

    By Rachel Browne The Manwin Hotel, which sits next to several shelters and drop in centres in the Point Douglas area, is one of the most notorious and violent locations in WInnipeg They began to disappear in the winter. In February of 2022, a woman named Rebecca Contois was seen fo
  8. The Rise of the One-and-Done Family

    By Courtney Shea (Photograph by Markian Lozowchuk) I became a parent in the summer of 2021, at the age of 42, partway between Delta and Omicron. While the world was fretting over Pfizer versus Moderna, my partner, John, and I were going back and forth on baby names. One night in la
  9. Why patients are waiting so long in emergency rooms across Canada

    By Ali Amad (Illustration via iStock) As Canada’s emergency rooms grapple with persistent staffing and bed shortages, hospital admission wait times are getting longer. This past December in Ontario, patients waited in ERs for an average of nearly 22 hours before getting admitted to
  10. I moved from India to Alberta to live the multigen lifestyle 

    By Vandita Jain (Illustration by Adrian Hogan) Living in Canada was my older brother Kash’s dream, not mine. We grew up in Delhi, India, and when Kash was in high school, he heard about people moving to Canada for college. He dreamed of going out on his own. He did all the research
  11. Our Toronto churchyard encampment was a safe haven. Then the city cleared it.

    By Maggie Helwig The churchyard outside the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields, where people have been living for two years now. (Photograph by Steve Russell via Getty Images) For more than 10 years, I have been the priest at the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields, a tiny, histo
  12. I banded together with strangers to buy a group of B.C. cottages

    By Heidi Woodley (Photography by Alana Paterson) Before I was born, my dad started a commune in a lovely old (long-gone) lodge in Snug Cove on Bowen Island. That’s where my parents connected. They then became part of an underground circuit that sheltered American draft dodgers. So
  13. How Calgary’s Kablusiak made Inuit art pop 

    By Katie Underwood (Photography by Allison Seto) Artists run wild in Kablusiak’s family, on both sides. Their childhood homes in Yellowknife, and later Edmonton, were filled with relatives’ creations, including a painting of wild geese—a wedding present to their parents from Kablu
  14. This new exhibit showcases six decades of quirky Canadian street photography 

    By Alex Cyr Ian MacEachern. (Photo by Linda Munn) As Ian MacEachern wandered through the slums of Saint John, New Brunswick in the mid-’60s, he had no idea he was laying the groundwork for what would become an iconoclastic, decades-long career in photography. A native of Glace Bay,
  15. “It can be extremely dangerous”: A microbiologist on the rise of invasive Strep A

    By Alex Cyr (Photo illustration by Maclean’s , photograph by iStock) Microbiologists are warning of a global spike in aggressive, sometimes life-threatening infections related to the bacteria that causes strep throat. In Canada, 327 cases of invasive group A streptococcal, or iGAS,
  16. How one Canadian tech millionaire built a tiny-home community

    By Sarah Treleaven 12 Neighbours founder Marcel LeBrun at the 12 Neighbours warehouse. (Photography by Chris Donovan) Al Smith met Chanda Woodworth in his early 50s, after he moved to Fredericton in 2016. He hadn’t expected to fall in love again, and he hadn’t planned on ending up
  17. How one B.C. ski hill is coping with a weird, warm winter

    By Alex Cyr (Photo-illustration by Maclean’s, photo courtesy of iStock) As 2023 came to a close, British Columbia recorded one of its warmest Decembers in recent history—the third-mildest since 1896. It was good news for hikers and cyclists, but not so much for ski hills. Apex Mou
  18. Why this Ontario city is passing an anti-renoviction policy

    By H.G. Watson (Photo illustration by Maclean’s ) In Ontario, the dreaded N13 eviction notice—also known as a renoviction—informs renters that they must vacate their home because the unit needs major renovations. Between 2017 and 2022, the number of N13 eviction notices rose by a st
  19. Meet Yannick Nézet-Séguin, the maestro behind Bradley Cooper’s Maestro

    By Katie Underwood (Photography by Mark Sommerfeld) The fastest way to convey the stratospheric significance of conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin within the classical music world is to compare him to Taylor Swift. Let’s just go with “rockstar.” Nézet-Séguin got his prodigious start in
  20. The Big Idea: How open banking can fix Canada’s financial security issue

    By Alexander Vronces (Illustration by Pete Ryan) Alexander Vronces is the executive director of Fintechs Canada. He writes about the intersection of financial technology and public policy in Canada. When I started working as a policy analyst in Canada’s financial sector a little und

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