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I am a mediator and restorative justice facilitator. Kindness and compassion matter! Facts matter, actions matter. GoBlue! PS Swam here anyway!

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  2. This is an excellent article!
  3. Check out this story from Detroit Free Press: Great Lakes tribes send report to United Nations to fight Line 5 51 tribal organizations claim Canada has committed human rights violations by endangering culturally significant land with the oil pipeline.
  4. A 120-Year-Old Company Is Leaving Tesla in the Dust
  5. Really like this! Thanks.
  6. Stability updates are on the way, To fix the things we broke on Friday. We spent the weekend catching up, Thanks for your patience, don't give up! Our post team's working hard, you see, To make the app run flawlessly. We know it's been a bumpy ride, But soon you'll find it's worth
  7. Letter from a MSU Prof

    Check out this story from Detroit Free Press: As a professor in Berkey Hall, I have crushing sense of guilt — and incompetence | Opinion Despite our university's best, most trauma-informed efforts, I feel wildly ill-equipped to teach in the wake of “run, hide, fight.” https://www.f
  8. I hope people start paying attention to what's happening in #peru.
  9. @danrather take on NYTimes article about Bill Barr.
  10. This will s such an important read! Just because many people are over covid does not mean covid is over with us. And there's still a lot of immune compromise people out there who need protection.
  11. He is so happy there is finally some snow! #dogs
  12. Perhaps I am late to the news but I cannot wait to see this movie and hope there will consequences!
  13. I read a quote today that I can't find anywhere now but it resonated....Everyone is born with talent, but only a few with opportunity...
  14. This will lift your spirits! #music #MLK
  15. Pandemic Pondering response to WSJ
  16. Lisa Marie Presley, the Daughter of Elvis Presley, Dies at 54 such sad news.
  17. Happy Saturday, #Resisters and all Non-MAGA! FOLLOWERS ONLY: To grow your account, Vet/Follow/FB all who Retweet. Party lasts for 24-hrs. #FollowParty #FBR #FBPE Find me on the bird @1drcole
  18. Most Americans were asleep when new Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies gave his first speech as the first Black lawmaker to lead a major political party in Congress. But his speech—occas

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