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Melody Schreiber


Journalist (health, science, the Arctic, and more) and author

Washington, DC

Health/science + Arctic journalist.
 Articles for ArcticToday, Guardian US, The New Republic, Scientific American, Washington Post, and others. 
 Also into snorkeling, figure skating, and gardening.

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  1. Biden administration requests $20 billion cash infusion to bolster public health
  2. Where did Covid come from — and does that change anything?

    We may never get a complete answer to exactly how SARS-CoV-2 spilled over from nature into people. But the ultimate lesson remains the same: Either way, we need to improve monitoring of animals and people coming into increased contact with each other in a changing world. We need
  3. The American problem

    And as we survey American life in 2023, I think there is one problem that really stands out, an issue that embodies a lot about the level of acute crisis in our society. The declining life expectancy for Americans.
  4. Viral hot takes as journalistic workplace incidents

    "I think something like this article should probably itself be viewed through the lens of a workplace accident. If you make your living in a meat-packing plant, and they reduce safety checks and speed up the line, you are likely to lose a piece of your finger. If you make your li
  5. You may have heard that COVID death rates were higher in Republican counties post-vaccine. Voices of San Diego actually correlated death certificates with voter registrations and, yep, they found the same thing
  6. One of the more dangerous by-products of the #COVID19 pandemic - an increasing share of the public oppose school vaccination requirements for measles and other childhood illnesses (in this case, MMR v
  7. tl;dr — Science education needs to adapt to a world of misinformation on social media and beyond. Today, prominent antivaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted the ridiculous claim that as director of th
  8. A situation that initially appeared to be a huge bummer for me turned out to be a positive. Thank you so much to my wonderful followers for that. But the bigger picture is Twitter's descent into petty

    Hi everyone! I'm journalist focusing mainly on health/science and the Arctic. Recently I've written about: The Arctic is getting rainier, with more extreme weather events , but it's not that likely that

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