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Marketer in the Wild, also tons of 🐈‍⬛ content

Marketer, web designer, writer, choral singer, cat mom, and hard cider lover (aka The Cider Siren). Former co-lead MA district 2 for @secretarypete

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  1. If anyone’s awake, please send cat pics. Really tough day and I’m not handling it well. #Cantpickyourfamily
  2. This doesn’t surprise me, but it does disgust me. But here’s the real question… do they really think that constant investigations of the left is why their constituents sent them to Congress? Or is the
  3. Happy Boxing Day, American cat style
  4. Caught Blossom mid yawn #PetsofPost
  5. Sad that I am leaving a job I like and am really good at because my boss (the company president) won’t let me work 2 days a week from home (he says Elon and he are the only two bosses in the US who do
  6. Blossom recommends a nap on this #toebeantuesday
  7. Blossom is always watching #Caturday
  8. Meet my two shelter loves… two-year old bonded sisters Rosie (top) and Blossom. They make every day a joy, and Blossom maintains that #BlackNosesMatter
  9. Truth!
  10. Just got here. How do you find folks/topics to follow?

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