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Kirk Ross


North American Typist & Musician

Longtime journalist and musician living in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Metroplex

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  1. Carolina's finest coal ash

    Latest on the substack: UNC's cogen plant produces 20K tons of coal ash per year. According to a recent Reuters report, about 40 tons a day go to an unlined landfill in Virginia.
  2. Was going to freak out about shifting tech, but then remembered making newspapers as a teenager with wooden galleys & slugs of type made out of lead. That switch to offset, now THAT was a head spinner
  3. Good afternoon, posted on my local substack about UNC-Chapel Hill still operating a coal fired power plant in downtown Chapel Hill.
  4. Going for a search on here for NC music and journalism folks. Also Chapel Hill people, ex-pats and whatnot. Time to press on. Got a couple of newsletters in the works. Here is a photo of mullet in th
  5. And this
  6. I found this to be helpful
  7. Eleanor, my thoughtful consultant
  8. One of the great Thanksgiving traditions — getting up early to begin the day's cooking and then opening a new social media account.

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