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Kindness can change the World. Reasonable Democrat. I believe in humanity and all its colors. "I am not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance" ~ Jon Stewart

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  1. Elon managed to chase NPR from his platform. He’s slowly poisoning everything there, yet he remains toxically lacking in self-awareness of his actions.
  2. TRIGGER WARNING - But don’t you dare look away I just saw the police body cam footage of Keenan Anderson’s murder . He was 31. He was a High School English Teacher. He was the one who flagged the killers
  3. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a very long time!
  4. Mehdi bringing in the receipts of real voter fraud committed by…wait for it…REPUBLICANS! Apparently these were the only instances of notable voter fraud, contrary to Republican’s constant whining and
  5. Eliminate the Debt Ceiling. It's artificial. It does nothing to constrain spending. Only 2 countries in the world (out of 195) have a Debt Ceiling (US and Denmark). It only provides a weapon for those
  6. There is no labor shortage for jobs that pay workers fairly. Isn’t it funny how that works?
  7. Today on the House floor I witnessed Kevin McCarthy lose again and again…again. Democrats are just 6 seats from taking back the majority. That’s why I’m launching an initiative to help the races we ne
  8. After everything the January 6th committee uncovered any Republicans on the Hill that try and stall the progress of the DOJ in any way does so knowing it will be considered a crime.
  9. Before I go to sleep I must say here that Hakeem Jeffries speech was one for the books. I am so glad I stayed up long enough to hear every word. A man among men. I look forward to watching him get to
  10. Crazy is as crazy does.
  11. Post do your thing!
  12. May some of these see charges and prosecution. In particular SCOTUS leaks, Ginni Thomas and Kushner’s $2 billion.
  13. If not him (hopefully), who???
  14. Misinformation has overwhelmed information.
  15. Community? It will eventually impact the entire world negatively. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS.
  16. Peace 🕊️ and Merry Christmas
  17. I absolutely adore that Biden continually becomes more relatable and likable (not to mention scandal-free)—and apparently can also decorate a Christmas tree and wear a t-shirt (two things his predeces
  18. Wow 😮 Just came across this:

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