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I bet you don't know what "Free Speech" is.

Proud Graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin. 10 years an actor in Japan, 15 years Broadcasting and all around cool guy

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  1. Memphis PD corruption exposed!

    Memphis Police Corruption exposed. My podcast has obtained video evidence of police corruption. I’m a podcaster not a journalist but I’m trained in journalism. So I’m saying this knowing how slander works. So I welcome anyone to vet my story. #policeoversight #PoliceCrimes #podca
  2. So I’m in Japan taking a quick trip and I see on my News feed that Trump has put out new good hightop sneakers. Conveniently right after his judgement to pay over 300 million dollar. You’re watching the action of a broken man. I had to do a podcast on it. #trump #podcastersofpos
  3. Sooooooo.. why would anyone be surprised at this?
  4. So real question. Do y’all really think Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. Because I do not. The man will be out of the race by June. Haley will be the next president. #trump #Republican
  5. There’s been a weird push to almost dehumanize the people of Palestine. To even ask questions about what the Israeli government is doing with America money, its 16 year ultra right wing leader and its occupation of land for Palestginie people it’s wrong. All the young protesters
  6. Ok so this has to be said. What happened to Flint? Where are all the American first guys now? Why didn’t the whole water system in Flint get changed? I just feel like when Black Americans have grievances we are told to shut up.
  7. I’m making the prediction now. Trump won’t get the Republican nomination. You can’t have 90 something indictments and come out ok. Nick with get the nomination. Elon is going to lose X and it will return to Twitter. I put it in a podcast so nobody can say I didn’t say it 😂💯. #p
  8. So it begins! 😂 #podcast #GOP #POLIITICS
  9. America won’t give Reparations to descendants of slavery because America sees no value in Black Americans.

    I know some of you will see the title of this post and assume I’m trying to trigger you. Not my intentions at all, I’m just being honest. You invest into things you see value in. America gives money to Middle Eastern countries because we see value in it. We are giving money to Uk
  10. MLK day and Why I can't celebrate it!

    As a Black American born in the Deep South of the Greatest nation of the world, about 20 years removed from the Civil Rights Movement, I was told to get over racism while passing by statues of Confede
  11. Millions of Twitter Users' Data Breached

    The recent news of Twitter’s massive data leak of over 200 million user accounts has caused quite a stir in the tech world. This leak involved the personal information of the users, including usernam
  12. Docu-Gate! Uncovering the truth behind Joe Biden's Top Secret files and the Impact of A.I. on White Collar Jobs

    In this podcast, we dive deep into the world of politics and technology to uncover the truth behind Joe Biden's Top Secret documents. What does these documents potentially reveal about the current adm
  13. Is Rap Music Anti-Black?

    Blackness and Whiteness is a weird thing. It’s super amorphous and changes all the time. There’s this weird thing we’re hip-hop is connected to blackness with is often connected to criminality. So whe
  14. Just like it never happened.

    I stayed quiet on this intentionally because I knew what the outcome was going to be. And here we are, back to business as usual. The fact a man almost died on the field means both as week later. We f
  15. There’s never any money for healthcare, education or reparations but there’s always money for racism. 🤦🏾‍♂️ #news
  16. Divided We Stand: The Growing Divide in Congress.

    It's beyond frustrating that the US House of Representatives is so divided. Both sides of the aisle are so entrenched in their positions that nothing is getting done. The dirty secret about the Americ
  17. Kevin McCarthy and the GOP had this coming!!!

    Kevin McCarthy has just fallen three votes short of becoming the next speaker of the US House of Representatives. GOOD!!! Some think this spells out doom and disaster for the current Congress and
  18. Things we shouldn’t bring into 2023!

    First Podcast of the year. Things we shouldn’t bring into 2023! Stop arguing about politics in 2023. There’s nothing you can do to change a persons mind. You can be an influence on them to change their
  19. I think it’s time to retire.

    DJ’ing in Tokyo has been a blast but I think I’ll be hanging it up in 2023. In the words of the great Roger Murtaugh, I’m getting too old for this sh*t!. 😂 #tokyo #dj #oldman
  20. Get out!

    Twitter has went down!! I did a podcast on November 14th called the Biggest Losers (Feel Free to check it out and let me know what you think) predicting this day and it’s here. How did I know? Was I s

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