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Cishet woman “of a certain age”

What am I here for? Hopefully quality community, quality info (got a lot of good med/Covid info on the bird app) connection to be aware of what is going in in the country and world, and maybe we can make our corner of the world better.

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  1. This is the picture I painted for my brother’s card. I wrote 2023 is knocking. On the inside, I wrote, “Do you dare to answer?” Kind of curious what 2023 will bring. Bracing myself, even.
  2. My daughter moved back in with us this fall. (Not getting into details, but it was needed, and we are all good with that.) She is 31, and misses having friends. How on earth can she make friends, see
  3. Today, in the US, it’s Thanksgiving. Tomorrow begins the creative use of turkey leftovers. What are your favorites? Mine are probably: soup (mmm, homemade turkey soup!), turkey pot pie, and turkey taco
  4. My first test post. I wonder how this will shake out.

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