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Preschool educator, news junkie

Proud progressive, happy about being woke. Trying to teach kindness, empathy and honesty at home and in preschool. Sick of the outrage machine and hoping to find a more welcoming place to connect.

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  1. Very helpful information!
  2. If you are a parent, and you didn't know who Andrew Tate is, please consider getting closer to the media your children consume. Tate was the 8th most Googled person in the world in 2022, and it wasn't
  3. I am introducing a bill to require candidates to disclose under oath their employment, educational, & military history so we can punish candidates who lie to voters about their qualifications. It will
  4. This VOA report has some details even I didn’t know about some of us who are still locked out of #Twitter
  5. Always. Love is love.
  6. 10 symptoms of woke mind virus
  7. It's strange and sad and revealing and logical to see Twitter crash and burn. It's a network of communication that the authoritarian-minded would naturally want to seize and control. It's a den of nas
  8. Fuck around find out! Even for you, Elon!
  9. We are about a minute away from Elon releasing five golden tickets and inviting children to Twitter headquarters to compete for taking over as head of Twitter
  10. URGENT!!! Twitter is now BANNING all accounts that link to Post.News. A mass purging of pro-democracy Twitter accounts appears imminent. Please consider BOOSTING this post and encourage everyone to fo
  11. Fascist asshole Elon Musk, criminal slumlord Jared Kushner and Saudi Arabia all sitting together at the World Cup Final and yes it’s real. It really does tell you everything.
  12. ALERT: I will be LIVE POSTING the 1/6 criminal referral hearing tomorrow at 1 PM ET HERE ON POST and NOT on Twitter. I'll put it up on twitter later. See you tomorrow!
  13. From @RosaMariaPaya: "Victory would be that, at the match, all players from #ArgentinaVsFrance, together with all the fans, demanded the freedom of Amir, soccer player sentenced to death in Iran for de
  14. BREAKING: While Elon Musk claims that Taylor Lorenz's Twitter account will be reinstated "shortly," Lorenz tells me that she just received an email saying she is permanently banned and the decision is
  15. Retweet (is that how you call it here?) this post if you followed us on Twitter as well!
  16. Today is the perfect day to follow @democracydocket .
  17. Must-read. Help your friends escape Twitter as if you were freeing them from a burning Tesla.
  18. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  19. Crouton peeps!! Where you at? RePost to help us find all our animal loving friends here on Post #Croutonia #Crouton

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