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American living in Dublin. Liberal-y, animal-lovin’, sci-fi watchin’ vegetarian. Continually concerned about the future of humanity.

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  1. Can we normalize referring to Andrew Tate’s young, misguided followers as “tater tots”? #andrewtate #mysoginy #friedpotatoes
  2. Worth a read.
  3. Is it really that simple?
  4. Is this the promised “civil conversations?”

    For a platform that is supposed to promote civil conversations, there sure is a lot of calling people “rats” and “MAGAts” and “antichrists.”
  5. I’ve seen a lot of posts about how troll-free and peaceful this platform is, and it is (so far). It also seems to be almost completely populated with us liberals. This would naturally make discourse
  6. Happy Christmas Eve!

    Happy Christmas Eve! Here is a picture of my friend’s dog sleeping in my lap during our Christmas Eve dinner #dog #sleepy #christmas #dublin
  7. Hi Post. Happy holidays from Dublin, Ireland! This is a pic from inside St Stephen’s Green shopping center #dublin #ireland #christmas #holidays

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