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"something's happening but you don't know what it is, do you mrs. jones"

Concerned citizen watching the world sputter on. Book designer by trade, movie goer by choice

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  1. Time to reevaluate what we plant in our gardens. . . gifted as a free link
  2. Gifting this article. . .
  3. Lentil lovers unite!
  4. POTUS

    @POTUS Biden has been v. busy while GOP is spinning wheels trying to get out of snow bank— - bipartisan bridge event in Ohio/KY - plans to honor true heroes of Jan 6 - agreement with Germany to provide m
  5. Unsurprising but terrible
  6. Check this out, I am happy to see all these writers and people of the book here
  7. From the Captain of The Titanic:

    "We recognize that many of our passengers are active in other parts of their lives. However, we will no longer allow access to the lifeboats of the Titanic. Those who are found to be in violation of t
  8. I have such disdain for the NYT’s political reporting but this is a banger of a piece—
  9. #Xmas

    Is it really possible I’ve done all my gift shopping? Seems like, all that’s left is wrapping paper which means a trip to Target. Thank the football gods, there’s a Broncos game tomorrow which usually
  10. Milky Way pre summer 2022 #MilkyWay #Photography
  11. And how will you celebrate #CriminalReferralMonday ? I’m gonna hit up an exercise class with my friend Barbie
  12. Well, we got @atrupar and they got this mess. Good trade I’d say.
  13. One less reason to go back into the condemned property FKA twitter
  14. “Ha ha ha ha ha. Laser eyes!?! Where did you get that idea?”
  15. “They worship me like a god.” —what I always worry they’re thinking
  16. Fave blog

    Year after year, Digby offers some of the most incisive and thoughtful commentary on her OG blog. She is doing her yearly fundraiser to which I happily contribute. Perhaps you’ll join me, ho ho ho.
  17. HST
  18. Wildlife
  19. Cringe

    “But even as a far-right shitposter, Musk is hapless. Unlike somebody such as Donald Trump, who remains the Twitter troll template, Musk is a try-hard.”

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