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Cape Town, South Africa

Pathologically curious, interested in a wide range of topics and conversations. In my heart of hearts I'm a librarian, IRL get to work in research and development. Make the world a better place

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  1. Who else is keen?
  2. Hi #Posties, where is the "rest of the world", i.e non-American posters? Looking for people to follow from Africa, Asia and LatAm especially. Recommendations very welcome
  3. International offices and cross cultural norms

    My head office is in #CapeTown. Most Capetonians love talking about the weather and we frequently have 4 seasons in 1 day. We also use weather analogies in team check ins. E.g. sunny (happy), quiet be
  4. Getting to join Post feels like a fresh start - early New Year's resolution to be more social on social media

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