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Louise Blais


Former Ambassador to the UN turned Commentator

Former Ambassador Louise Blais was a senior Canadian career diplomat. She was Canada’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York from 2017-2021. During this time, she also served as Vice President on UNICEF’s Management Board. She is now Associate at the Pendleton Group and Special Senior Advisor, to the Business Council of Canada and the QG100 in Quebec. She is a public speaker and frequent commentator on international affairs and economic development. Louise Blais began her professional career as an Art Theft Analyst at Interpol before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1996. As a senior diplomat, she served abroad in Washington,Tokyo and as Minister-Counsellor for Political Affairs at the Embassy in Paris as well as Director of the Canadian Cultural Centre. She was Consul General in Atlanta, before being named Ambassador to the UN. She has served on numerous philanthropic boards including the Helen Hayes Awards, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington, the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Board of Advisors of the Atlanta Ballet. She currently sits on the Arts & Artists International Board and the Advisory Board of ADC Technologies. She is a Distinguished John Robson Lecturer at Emory University and Diplomat-in-Residence at Laval University. She has been a member of the BMW Foundation’s Global Responsible Leaders Network since 2001. And will be a Select Fellow with the North Capital Forum in Mexico City in 2023. She is the recipient of many honours including a Distinguished Leadership Award from the Business Council of Alabama. Louise Blais holds a B.A. from McGill University.

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  1. On the 🇨🇦 Public Service announcement of mandatory 2-3 days in the office, I say: It’s about time! So many Canadians have been showing up in person for work for them, some throughout the pandemic:
  2. This is my inaugural post here. Happy to join this new platform. I will post on world affairs and perhaps the occasional social musing.

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