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We make solid copper jewelry (sneak in some silver) and sell vintage pieces as well. You might find a haiku or two hidden in there as well. Love of automobiles and guitars.

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  1. I always liked these little enameled copper sun pendants that we made. They've all been sold. Should we make more? They're small enough for earrings too. Earrings anyone?
  2. Deep Thought

    Jani wore this piece that I made years and then lost it in a parking lot. Hopefully, someone picked it up and liked it enough to continue wearing it. Maybe they wonder about the person who wore it or
  3. The Poet Tree by LotsaCopper 2013

    So I'm writing this lyric and I hit a brick wall. I know who'll help, so that's who I call. Phone rings once, three times. Four. I know I gotta wait for several more. ‘Cuz the guy I need ain't quick like
  4. Just one lonely Bell Trading Post Roadrunner earring . . . Is that sad, or what?
  5. Nativity in Naples, Italy. #Nativityscene #mangerscene
  6. This is Willow looking out the window last winter. #furryfriends #dogpics
  7. Merry Christmas Here's a shot of Mom's "child proof" Nativity.
  8. You can find us on etsy at We invite you to take a look.
  9. This is our "Hit and Miss" bracelet with Black Onyx. We have this in Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Carnelian and other stones.
  10. I need to redo the finish on this one. Not quite right and the back is . . . um, bad. But you can see how cool the coin is, can't you? It's a 10 cent coin from New Zealand. #coins #Jewelry #newzealand
  11. Well, thanks a ton for introducing me. always so nice, you are. I did get your message on twitter about the u-shaped pins. I can do the pins for sure. Not exactly sure about a flower similar to you
  12. We're here on Post. Heard good things. I hope we'll find lots of old friends and make even more new ones.

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