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Husband. Parent. Dude. Nerd. Autistic.

A neighbor dude told me I was a prophet since I have a biblical name, so I got that going for me.

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  1. If you mashed-up the Harry Potter ending and the How I Met Your Mother ending, people would be stoked that Harry ended up with Hermione. And that Ted probably got hit by the Hogwarts train.
  2. One Act Play

    White nationalist, in therapy: “But our new leader is a black Nazi. It feels like if I was turned on by my cousin. Is that weird, Doc? Is it okay to be weird? Doc? Doc? Where are you going? Don’t you
  3. Can it still be the Land of the Lost when it was found by the people who ended up there?
  4. When Natalie Imbruglia said the sky was torn, I think that was figurative. Otherwise: demons.

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