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Lazy old lady that lives happily on Vancouver Island, Canada, with her retired husband and cranky cat.

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  1. Allow me to point out something that is painfully obvious to anyone with a middle school education: If powerful women like Taylor Swift trigger you, you definitely couldn’t handle a civil war.
  2. A most amazing lesson in being human in a world that lacks humanity. An old man meets a young man who asks: “Do you remember me?” And the old man says no. Then the young man tells him he was his student, And the teacher asks: “What do you do, what do you do in life?” The young man ans
  3. 🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #Humor
  4. And the Twitter brand name was basically the one thing the site still had going for it.
  5. Forgot Mucus cheering up the imbeciles.
  6. Cause I'm not ready To find out you know how to forget me
  7. Seasons greetings to everyone. A busy couple of weeks here, not much internet time. Looking forward to connecting to all the Posters after our holiday company has ended. If I don’t get back online th
  8. #cats #catsofpost #postcats #pets #holiday #Christmas #humor #memes #dogs
  9. #FeralCats #BombCyclone #ArcticBlast
  10. This is my favorite trick of the moment on Post. You can create your own @ mentions tab to see every time someone tags or mentions you in a post. And it is super simple: Open a new post and type # and
  11. I didn’t know this, but now that I do I’ll be sure to take advantage of this.
  12. If you are new to Post from Twitter, will follow back and want to find other resisters… Reply to this post Follow anyone else who replied (follow people first to make the most connections, don’t wait an
  13. {musical interlude} #WPST Sometimes I forget how good Squeeze was. (Hope folks are enjoying Post’s local radio station, WPST! Just use the hashtag above to follow. A lot of people don’t know this, but
  14. Quick note. if you have more than four or five favorites selected, they not be visible on your favorites menu. Just scroll the right and there they are, along with the pencil (edit) icon. #posttips
  15. Hi, I’m here! Now what? How do I find who to follow? Hello hello happy solstice!
  16. I know what you're thinking: we need a two minute Broadway musical wrap up of everything that's happened on Post in 2022. Good news - it's here! I hope you enjoy this little holiday gift from me to al
  17. Researching a project for work. >52 percent of the global workforce identifies as women, but only 23 percent of top leaders are women. That’s like having to dig out a foundation and you have plenty of
  18. Good lessons here. Thanks @joeagoada

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