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Colorful Colorado

Silver haired political junkie. Left leaning Independent. Dog and girl mom, entrepreneur 40 years, married, socially active IRL.

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  1. Has anyone successfully posted a video? How? Mine just do not ever load!
  2. I just don't understand when we have a great example in Germany of how to face, teach and honor your bad history that the U.S. just can't put the pieces together. We can see it's beneficial and it wor
  3. With respect to the sales tax plan put forth by Republicans, it could work. The structure has to include EVERYTHING so wealthy and corporations are not exempted on any level and shell companies become
  4. There is a new documentary coming out in February about Lowndes County, Alabama detailing black civil rights. That is where I was raised until I was 15. I am excited to see it. I am afraid of what new
  5. Another interview that struck me was a woman discussing how we have turned black pain and suffering into enjoyment. Meaning, we have white washed the pain and suffering so much that it doesn't exist a
  6. Watching a documentary on the civil war on MSNBC and am so impacted by a statement a woman just made. She was speaking about why the discussion of white supremacy is almost more important than the dis
  7. I just wanted to drop a post saying out loud that I am really enjoying this platform! I find my time on the other one being less every day. So excited for what Post can be!
  8. Go get us!
  9. @feedback It would be lovely to have a few management tools. Be able to easily see which of those you follow are following you back. Be able to turn off reposts for all, or
  10. He's here! He's here!
  11. I love AOC.
  12. @feedback I see in my notifications that someone replied to me, but when I click the notification it goes nowhere. When I pull up the users posts, none are showing. I effec
  13. @feedback I would love to have a list (like followers and following) that tells you who you are following that isn't following you. I'm sure a third party will eventually
  14. Great advice! We have learned what doesn't work do let's give this a try.
  15. Family love pile!
  16. Inagural post! Liking the layout and ease of use. Hoping to find my political junkies and my meme communities. If you recognize me from Twit, give me a follow. I will follow back.

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