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Writes odd novels. Reviews odd novels. Edits odd novels. *Is* odd and novel. Second Life avatar: Ceejay Writer. Author Site "The Brassbright Chronicle" Book Reviews, Editing Work, Country Life, Recipes "A License to Quill" Universal buy links for all my books Subscribe to "Letters From Industralia", my monthly newsletter

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  1. Until We Meet Again

    This is my final post on Post. After a year of trying out the service as a replacement for my deleted Twitter account, I'm still not feeling a connection or bond. My book reviews get just an occasional like, and I haven't found 'my people' here. Post is doing a FANTASTIC job of be
  2. Book Review(s): Three Painting Books from Leaping Hare Press

    My thanks to The Quarto Group and Leaping Hare Press for their over-the-top generosity. When I won a Goodreads Giveaway copy of Painting Cats , I didn’t expect to receive a total of three painting books ( Painting Cats, Painting Calm, Painting Happiness ) AND a Farber-Castell box of
  3. Book Review: Divinity 36 by Gail Carriger

    Is there anything more frustrating than enjoying the first book of a series, only to then find out that the rest of the series just sort of fizzled out? Gail Carriger shows us how a series is done right. She didn’t release her Tinkered Starsong trilogy until all three books were
  4. Kid Power Stories, Now at a Bargain Price

    Amazon decided to put "Full Steam Ahead" on sale. I just happened to notice it right now! The paperback version is $6.89, marked down from its usual price of $10.00. If you're an early holiday gift shopper-type, you might want to pounce on a few copies for later. (Incidentally, w
  5. Book Review: Halloween Treats to Make and Bake

    If your child is starting to show an interest in learning how to cook, here’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween while building cooking skills. At just 32 pages long, and loaded with brightly colored illustrations and photographs Halloween Treats to Make and Bake is a cookbook your
  6. Book Review: Gothic Coloring: Color Your Dark Side

    Mindful patterns to immerse in are a beautiful way to sluff off a stressy day. Adult coloring books are popular enough that there's something for everyone, and if you have Gothic tendencies, you are not being overlooked! Read the rest of my review at A License to Quill #ColoringBoo
  7. Book Review: The Thai Cookbook

    If you enjoy Thai food and want to try your hand at making it yourself, this cookbook is a good place to start. There’s a wide variety of dishes for every skill level, and something for every palate. Read the rest of my review at A License to Quill #Cookbooks #Cooking101 #Recipes
  8. A New Lifestyle For Chives

    Our cat recently went through some rough times, but is finding his way back to health. I blogged about it at my website, in hopes that his 'adventures' might be educational and helpful for other cats and their people. #Cats #CatsOfPost #catlife #catsonpost #CatsIndoors #Veterinar
  9. International Octopus Day - Octo 8!

    Today is International Octopus Day! Octo 8! I've got lots of fun octopus stuff on this page at my website to help you celebrate in style. #Octopusday
  10. Book Review: Discount Armageddon

    The first book in the InCryptid series is also my first introduction to Seanan McGuire, and it’s certainly not going to be the last book of hers I read. In fact, I can guarantee I’ll be reading the entire InCryptid series. Our protagonist (and sassy narrator) is Verity Price, a yo
  11. Book Review: Death in the English Countryside

    Every cozy mystery series needs a likeable, capable protagonist. If they have an interesting career, it can add interest and provide opportunities for getting involved in solving murders. Owning a bookshop is a classic trope, as is working in a cafe or coffee shop. But author Sar
  12. Book Review: The Far Reaches Collection

    The "Amazon Original Stories" series presents groups of short stories by a variety of authors that are, according to Amazon, "made to be binged, just like your favorite podcast or television show". One of those series is “The Far Reaches Collection”, which carries the blurb, Look
  13. New Release - The Gauntlet Runner

    If you're in the mood for good, character-driven Queer Fantasy, you'll want to read The Gauntlet Runner, the sequel to The Dragon Eater. Learn more about both books and how you can get them... and enter a release celebration contest to win $20 in books! #BookRelease #FantasyBooks
  14. Bookseller or Pickpocket?

    IT HAS POCKETSES. It also has an absurd price, even for the eBook. As much as I want to read this, Hatchette is trying to take everything in MY pocketses to own it. Marking my calendar to check the price in the spring. #ItHasPockets #BookRelease #readersofpost
  15. Book Review: Quarter Share

    Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell My rating: 3 of 5 stars I was recommended this book, as I have a reputation amongst friends and family for liking happy endings and hopeful plotlines. Quarter Share has that. But its optimistic outlook isn’t enough to support the story. What is missin
  16. Book Review: Heir of Uncertain Magic

    The second book in the Whimbrel House series picks up where Keeper of Enchanted Rooms left off. Merritt and Hulda's attraction to each other continues moving at a snail's pace towards a full-blown romance, Owein absolutely steals the show as a dog learning his letters, and we spe
  17. Book Review: The American Weekly Covers of Edmund Dulac 1924-1951

    To slightly warp what Indiana Jones once said about priceless artifacts, the gorgeous watercolor paintings created by Edmund Dulac for The American Weekly magazine belong in a museum. But the original paintings have vanished into private collections, with no treasure map left beh
  18. Cowtown Cooking: How to Make Beany Buttons

    My veg garden exploded this year, so after I'd finished canning dozens of pints of green and yellow beans, I needed something else to do with the still-surging bean-valanche. Viola - Beany Buttons! #FoodiesOfPost #GardensofPost #VegetableRecipes #VegetableGarden #HealthyRecipes #
  19. Book Review: Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon

    It’s always fun when I’m drawn into a book by its cover… and then find out that the story not only lives up to that cover, but exceeds my expectations. Author J. Rose’s Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon does just that. Read the rest of my review at A License to Quill #BookReview
  20. Book Review: Little House Life Hacks

    A few months back, I started noticing the hashtag #tradwife in various social medias. I became curious about what others considered to be a “traditional” wife and where this rediscovered ideal might intersect with my own experiences in cooking from scratch, growing and preserving

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