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  1. Random ? How often do the same teachers get TOY at your site/building?
  2. This is a picture of Morro Bay from aboard a boat, at about the spot where we scattered my husband's ashes. It was a beautiful day. He would have loved it.
  3. I'm not seeing way to add alt text, but here's some pictures of my pup, Eleanor, at the park. Image description: a collage of 3 photos with frames around each picture, of a corgi looking happy on a di
  4. Poke battling with my youngest. Not my favorite but his dad used to play with him all the time so I'm filling in
  5. So far I've made 2 posts that have gotten comments and likes, but no notifications are showing. Idk if I prefer it this way or not
  6. There really needs to be an easier process after someone dies. All of the back and forth, running around between offices is ridiculous. Yes it's a little extra in our situation but still
  7. I decided to blog a bit today

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