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  1. Why isn't the AMA out screaming about these draconian abortion laws that are killing women?
  2. He’s finally comfortable making his definition of woke real clear. Suppression of history, traditions, culture, etc is part of genocide, there are two happening on these lands that never really ended.
  3. When Israel's Chief Justice joins the resistance to the Israeli right's kneecapping of democracy - you know it's no longer your grandfather's (or mother's, or even older brother's) Israel. Biden Admin
  4. TRIGGER WARNING - But don’t you dare look away I just saw the police body cam footage of Keenan Anderson’s murder . He was 31. He was a High School English Teacher. He was the one who flagged the killers
  5. Scroll down to read the article in the link - AZ Voters voted overwhelmingly to stop dark money. Dark money and those who collect dark money, doesn't like our voice.
  6. Let's never forget pregnant livestock are getting better than pregnant women in this country at least in some deep red states.
  7. It's been an effective playbook for years
  8. YES

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