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I’m Having A Nice Life


Lucia’s Human

ELA Teacher INFJ Cleveland Sports Lucia’s Drug Mule. Rock and Roll, Toledo As F*ck. I'm a derelict cargo of treasure on the shore of the nuptial sea. She/Her.

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  1. #MentalHealth #Winning
  2. January 6th taught me this. Everyday a known criminal walks around free is another day they escaped justice. Everyday a known political criminal walks around free is another day they have a chance to ch
  3. Speaker vote
  4. Incredibly delicious.
  5. Don’t eff with Lucia. You will find out.
  6. How are things, Post Universe?
  7. Indeed, yes.
  8. Good advice for the next two weeks. At least for me.
  9. Just got my Post card. Twitter people, I’m @lms12311. Find me, please.
  10. I’m happy to be here. It’s nice to breathe fresh air again.

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